Continental Buying Group

You’re probably asking yourself, “Continental who / what / huh?” That’s OK, you’re in the same boat as 99% of everyone else. However, if you’re a jeweler you know just how big a deal being a member of the Continental Buying Group (CGB) really is—especially because of how difficult it is to become part of this prestigious group. To be a CBG member you have to maintain perfect credit ratings and more importantly you have to be BIG. The CBG jewelers list is a Who’s Who of  the best and biggest jewelers in the fine jewelry category from across the country.

Ultimately, CBG is a buying group. The 100 CBG jewelers buy their inventory purchases together and get much better discounts because of the massive amount of jewelry we buy. Consequently, SVS Fine Jewelry pays rock bottom prices for every piece of jewelry it purchases. This equates to the best prices for quality jewelry anywhere, guaranteed.