What to Wear: Jewelry for Weddings

Posted on Thursday, April 14th, 2016 at 1:38 pm by Sem

jewelry for wedding

When it comes to jewelry for weddings, engagement rings and wedding bands may be the most obvious focus, but there is much more to explore. Jewelry adds a distinct flair to any outfit, and a special occasion like a wedding is the perfect excuse for brides, grooms, members of the bridal party and wedding guests to pay a visit to a jewelry store in Oceanside, NY.


Put a Ring on It

Whether it's a big wedding or a small one, making toasts and taking pictures are certain to be part of the festivities. While a manicure is a good start, there's nothing like a gorgeous ring to dress up your hands, and there are so many options to consider. Add elegance with a simple diamond fashion ring or a traditional silver or gold ring. Would you prefer something fun? Try something bold like a colored gemstone ring or a uniquely shaped modern design.


Accessorizing an Updo

Braids and updos are popular for special occasions, and they're the perfect frame for fantastic earrings since they leave the space between jawline and shoulder bare. Add a touch of sophistication with gleaming studs, up the sparkle with gorgeous gemstone clusters or go for timeless glamour with the soft beauty of pearls. Delicate hoops or striking dangles are another fabulous way to add oomph to any look.


Neck and Neck

Gowns for special occasions come with an almost infinite array of necklines, and there are necklaces that will work wonders with all of them. Delicate pieces add a touch of stylish grace while stronger pieces transform a standard little black dress into something special. You can go with one perfect necklace or layer them on to create a new look. Are you in the mood to try something different? Stick your neck out by wearing your necklace somewhere else: your hair. Threading a sparkling necklace through your hair creates a fresh, youthful look that is both playful and glamorous.


Whether you are part of the wedding party or a guest helping a lucky couple to celebrate their special day, SVS Fine Jewelry is ready to assist you. Experts in jewelry for weddings, we delight in exceeding our customers' expectations. Visit us online or stop by our jewelry store today to explore our extensive selection.