No person is the same as another…and the same goes for diamonds. That’s why Hearts On Fire brand marks all its diamonds individually.

Individually sold serialized diamonds are laser-inscribed with our logo and a unique serial number.  While not visible to the naked eye, a jeweler will easily be able to identify your diamond for you.

These serialized Hearts On Fire diamonds offer consumers a wide range of personal choice. Each is individually graded for color and clarity (from D – J, and IF to SI2 respectively) and earns a Zero Cut Grade from the American Gem Society (AGS), complete with full Diamond Quality Document (AGS DQD).  Each is also provided with a Hearts On Fire Diamond Identity Document (HOF DID) that details its Superlative Standard. The only exception to the serialized D-J range are select quality diamonds that can fall into the K color grade.

In addition, non-serialized Hearts On Fire diamonds that are set in Jewelry by Hearts On Fire are professionally sorted and matched by the Hearts On Fire team for their face-up appearance.  They are available in either the G-H or I-J color range and are VS to SI in clarity.  The diamond jewelry by Hearts On Fire collection is delivered with a Hearts On Fire Certificate of Authenticity.

All Hearts On Fire and Dream diamonds are fashioned in our own state-of-the-art facilities by the world’s most talented master cutters.  Each and every one of our diamonds meets the same exclusive criteria and superlative specifications for cut.

Whether you select serialized or non-serialized Hearts On Fire or Dream diamonds you can rest assured that the quality of cutting is always superb.  Each and every one of them is cut precisely for beauty - for the highest level of quality and value that distinguishes the Hearts On Fire brand.

Every serial number is archived in perpetuity at Hearts On Fire as well, giving you additional security and globally recognized value.