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At SVS Fine Jewelry we use the industry leading state of the art design software called JewlVision and 3-D technology to turn your jewelry dreams into reality. We also can hand fabricate jewelry from scratch if so desired.


We take specific steps to create the custom piece you have always wanted. You will work hand in hand with our designers throughout the process. You are one the most important factors in the design process and your input is desired.


The first step in creating your design is using our state of the art JewlVision software to create a basic design concept. Once you have seen the basic design and approved the concept, we will generate a CAD (Computer Aided Design) image for you to approve. We will invite you in to see your image in store or email you the images to browse at your convenience. The CAD (Computer Aided Design) image will allow you to have a beautiful 3-D image of your final piece. This meeting will allow you to change virtually anything about the piece, we take no offense to changes. After all, this is not for us: this is for you!


The next phase is to use our in-house state of the art 3-D printer to carve a wax model for you to hold. After the wax model is approved, we perform a lost wax casting of your piece. Upon completion of the casting process, your jewelry is polished and the stones are hand set by our onsite master jeweler. You can even watch the setting process if you choose. Once our master jeweler preforms the SVS quality check your newly created custom piece is ready for a new home with you.

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