Endless Jewelry Has Arrived At SVS!

Posted on Sunday, October 19th, 2014 at 12:14 pm by Morgan

endless_fall.jpgWelcome to the world of Endless Jewelry


To start your journey with Endless we are offering a Double Leather Bracelet ($70 value) and a Charm ($30 value) ALL FOR $ 69! Hurry in to see the hottest new jewelry line to cross the ocean! Valid until 10/31/14


Company background…

In 2003, my family and I were some of the first who got the rights to sell the Danish jewelry brand Pandora internationally. Only a few years later we had created a turnover larger than a billion Danish kroner selling Pandora jewelry in 5 major European countries.

My way of growing an organization in this fast pace, was simply to believe in the best of my people, celebrate life and create a family-like atmosphere within the organization, which could be felt all the way out to the customers.

Our approach to customers was from the beginning that “everything is possible” and that we always have to infuse a little extra love into our products and activities that is needed to create personal relations with our customers and employees.

 In 2008, 60% of Pandora was sold to a private equity fund. In 2010, my family established Pandora Central Western Europe together with Pandora, and I was made CEO of Pandora Central Western Europe, a subsidiary of Pandora. It turned out, however, that Pandora’s management strategy did not really suit my personality, so I left Pandora Central Western Europe. My family and I no longer own shares in Pandora Central Western Europe, and we no longer sell Pandora Jewelry.

In 2013 my family and I launched our own brand - Endless Jewelry - and we could immediately feel how much our customers had missed us. Within a few months we stormed into more than 1000 stores in Germany, England and Italy.

In 2014 we are expanding dramatically in Europe and start up in the United States. The philosophy of friendliness we practice in Endless is protected from being sold to venture capitalists. In Endless Jewelry we will - indefinitely - continue to believe the best in people and therefore we are now ready to see our customers in the eye - and say yes to everything they ask us.

Kind regards 

Jesper Nielsen

CEO, Endless Jewelry

SVS Fine Jewelry also wants to congratulate the winner of our Endless Jewelry giveaway on Facebook! It was such a pleasure to meet you and help you pick out your new piece!